Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dipset/Skull Gang Associated With Government Informant

The Boston Herald reported Monday afternoon that Trevor Watson (above), 44, will be going to trial in U.S. District Court in Boston next month for stabbing a government informant and is charged with tampering with and retaliating against a witness. Trevor, who was acquitted for the stabbing of Paul Pierce 10 years ago and was reportedly a body guard for Benzino’s Made Men group, stabbed the “deep throat” (informant) eight times outside of a Roxbury barber shop on February 27, 2010. The informant pointed Watson out in a photo line up from his hospital bed, which led to the arrest of Watson.

A source has revealed to 57thAve that the informant allegedly has ties to the Dipset/Skull Gang South division, headed by Juelz Santana, and allegedly goes by the stage name Major Harris (Curtis Best). Months after nearly getting stabbed to death, Harris, who also goes by the street name Jay Van Allen, released the music video you see below with cameos from his Dipset/Skull Gang associates & boss Juelz Santana.
So you mean to tell me, you have the ability to rap about getting saucy and put out music videos all while being a government informant and nearly getting stabbed to death only months prior? Interesting.

nothing surprises me anymore.. lol!!!!!!!!

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