Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tammy Bruce Calls The Obamas "Trash In The White House"

there are some very salty white people out there... lmaof!!!!!!!

Jimmy wants to work with Cam again

NEXUSVII and Stussy sunglasses

NEXUSVII and Stussy preview a new release with their Michael glasses. A rarely seen approach to creating fashionable dual-purpose eyewear, the glasses feature a flip-down tinted fixture alongside optical lenses. The Stussy signature is seen on the side arm. A release date is slated for May with a suggested retail price of ¥26,250 JPY (approximately $273 USD) taken from http://hypebeast.com/2009/03/michael-by-nexusvii-stussy-glasses/

Maestro Knows - Episode 1 (puts the Nike Air Yeezy's to the test)

Maestro Knows - Episode 1 (Nike Air Yeezy) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

did not know that Kanye also had shoes out or coming out with Nike.....

DonWill-Laura's Song (directed by Marques Green)

Evidence-For Whom The Bell Tolls vid Feat. Phonte & Will I AM

Ev and Tay stay comin' with that ish...

Trick Daddy Discusses Living With Lupus on Radio Show

Miami rapper Trick Daddy, born Maurice Young, has just announced that he suffers from the chronic, autoimmune disease lupus.

Trick, who is best known for hits like 'Shut Up' and 'Let's Go,' revealed the upsetting news when he appeared on 'The Rickey Smiley Morning Show' last week to promote the release of his forthcoming autobiography, 'Magic City: Trials of a Native Son.'

"I went to the doctor like 12 years ago," Trick said. "She took all kinds of tests, because I was trying to get rid of what we call dry skin. She did biopsies and blood tests and swab tests. She told me I have lupus...I am allergic highly to the sun, that's my worst enemy. It's like an AK-47 with a double clip on it. I could jeopardize kidney and liver failure from the treatment and the medication."

Lupus causes the immune system to attack the body's own organs and tissues instead of bacteria or viruses. There is no known cause for the disease, which is most common among women, and affects African Americans more often than Caucasians. The symptoms worsen after exposure to sunlight and certain kinds of medication. The disease most recently took the life of celebrated producer James "J Dilla" Yancey.

Though Lupus is deadly, Trick has managed to stay positive, having managed his illness quietly for the past 12 years.

"Remember I came out with the bald head recently? A lot of people joke about it, but I came from so far in the struggle where it don't matter to me," Trick explained. "I learned how to turn my down sides into jokes and get around it. My Mama had eleven children from ten different men. If she was strong enough to live with that, I can live with this."

Trick also announced that he has a graphic novel and an upcoming movie role, which is set to begin shooting shortly. "They got me in a movie with a lot of gangsters from 'The Wire' and the big black films. I can be me. I can be a G on it."

Monday, March 23, 2009

Big Dog Army Robot Will Change the Face of War Forever

If you were freaked out by the spooky Big Dog quadruped robot, you are going to love seeing it in action alongside US Army soldiers, following them like a smart giant dog.

And that's what it is: A really smart giant dog. Big Dog—which is being developed by robotics company Boston Dynamics—has some of the most advanced artificial intelligence and navigation systems in the planet. In fact, US Army officials are stunned by its programmed behaviors, which make Big Dog extremely helpful in the battlefield.

Big Dog can run along soldiers, walk slowly, or lay down to be loaded or unloaded, all while being aware of the terrain around it. No matter what happens, or how hard it's hit, the robot maintains its course like Captain America, but without falling on the ground under any circumstances. The only way to get him off its path is by a major direct hit, which could mean a rocket or President Obama's defense cuts—although, since it is low cost and not a Cold War-era weapon, it probably will survive the crisis.

Even while they are not yet ready for actual battlefield action, the US Army has high hopes for this beast. They see it as the most effective way to carry all kinds of material, reducing the weight that soldiers have to tug along, freeing them to move faster and be safer.

Right now, they only need to make Big Dogs quieter—they still buzz like a billion angry bees—and increase their autonomy. If there are no unforeseen problems, they will get into the battlefields in just a few years.

With drones now taking over the skies, it's only a matter of time before a Big Dog 2.0 arrives. In fact, many analysts are already pointing at the possibility of bi-pedal robots fighting alongside soldiers or replacing them entirely. Science fiction authors have imagined this scenario many times, from Terminator to Metal Gear Solid 4, in which "geckos"—the two-leg Velociraptor-like fighting robots shown in this video—are clearly inspired by Big Dog's biological design.

For all the technological terror they inspire among anyone who sees them, however, they can't match the hilarious spoof that some troupe did a while ago. Sadly, the idea of Big Dogs, Terminators, or "geckos" taking over the battlefield—or the world—is not funny at all.

Taken from: http://gizmodo.com/5160863/big-dogs-us-army-antics-keep-freaking-us-out

Another fine example of life imitating art and vice versa......

expected more, but still had to show love.....

Asher Roth Interview @ Bouder Theather

Asher Roth at the Boulder Theater from Alex King & Mito Media on Vimeo.

Wale - Chillin' [Radio Rip] (Featuring Lady Gaga)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Joe Budden and Saigon squash beef

Glad to see these two gifted artist came to their senses and put all the bullshit aside.. there is enough bullshit in the game as it is.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Saigon & Statik Selektah - All In A Days Work


Buggin Out 09' by Consequence featuring KiD CuDi

Makes sense that Consequence woulm pay homage to his mentors.

Kanye West/Louie Vutton sneakers

but are they actually worth the price??????? hmmmmmmm....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oddisee x YU x XO = The Diamond District

Who I Be ft. The Diamond District

Respected artist in my book and "lawn" family. Be sure to check out the Diamond District Mini Documentary as well.

Diamond District Mini Documentary from Diamond District on Vimeo.

Official Website of The Diamond District: http://www.diamonddistrictdmv.com

Diamond D "Bad/Good"

good to still hear music from a legend.....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Charles "Mask" Lewis Last Interview 3/10/09 R.I.P.

Very inspirational interview and a fine example of how strong the human spirit is....... rest in peace amigo.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rapper Big Pooh - The Delightful Bars, Dual Album Covers

North American Pie Version
1.) North American Pie Intro
2.) The Comeback (produced by Khrysis)
3.) Its A Go f/Torae (produced by Dae One)
4.) Nothing Less f/Ab Soul, Jay Rock & K Dot (produced by Young RJ)
5.) C.O.D. (produced by Mickey Free)
6.) Move f/ Darien Brockington (produced by Phonix)
7.) Something Like Stars f/ Big Treal (produced by Jake One)
8.) Step Up (produced by D.R.)
9.) Reality Check f/ Big Dho, D. Black & Mykestro (produced by Khrysis)
10.) Problems f/ Jozeemo (produced by Illmind)
12.) Roll Call f/ Jozeemo, Chaundon & Joe Scudda (produced by The Co-Op)
13.) The Life f/ Mushinah (produced by Khrysis)
14.) Rearview Mirror (produced by 9th Wonder)

CANDY APPLE ITunes Version
1.) Intro
2.) The Release (produced by Illmind)
3.) Power f/ O. Dash (produced by Khrysis)
4.) The Comeback (produced by Khrysis)
5.) Radio (produced by OhNo)
6.) Hands Up f/ Chaundon and Roc C (produced by Khrysis)
7.) On The Real f/ Jozeemo and E. Ness (produced by Khrysis)
8.) Nothing Less f/ Ab Soul, Jay Rock and K. Dot (produced by Young RJ)
9.) Move f/ Darien Brockington (produced by Phonix)
10.) Roll Call f/ Jozeemo, Chaundon, and Joe Scudda (produced by The Co-Op)
11.) The Life f/ Mushinah (produced by Khrysis)
12.) Rearview Mirror (produced by 9th Wonder)
13.) OUTRO