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Saigon Signs with Violator Management

Saigon Signs with Violator Management

Although he has not yet been given a release date from Atlantic Records for his debut album The Greatest Story Never Told, Saigon refuses to sit still, as he just signed a management deal with Violator, joining the likes of 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Papoose and Joell Ortiz.

“I went with Violator because the history of that company is crazy,” Saigon told HipHopGame. “They were around in the Native Tongue era, with the Jungle Brothers and A Tribe Called Quest. They’ve gone from that to 50 Cent. They’re still the most prestigious hip-hop management company. That tells you that they know how to move with the times. With hip-hop going into the digital era and it changing so much, I want to be with someone that can stand the test of time and change with the times.”

Although the ink is barely dry, Saigon says that everything has been good so far while at Violator. “Everything’s beautiful so far,” he said. “So far, so good. I learned a lot more in the past week and a half because I’ve been pretty much managing myself (in the past). I was with The Firm and I had my homeboy managing me, but so far, with Violator, I learned a lot. There was a lot of sh*t I was doing myself that I didn’t need to be doing. It’s just a growing process.”

While it has only been a week since Saigon’s latest interview with HipHopGame, the interview has generated a lot of response. “I got a good response from the interview,” Saigon said. “That sh*t was really for my fans. It’s fu*ked up that the internet can go so crazy for a quote or from something that somebody says, but that interview was for the fans and to bring them up to speed on my situation.”


This industry is real crazy boy i tell ya..... but it has been long over due for Saiddidy to drop his album and it is somthing that the world needs to hear, no pun intended at Just Blaze but atlantic can suck a dick, look at what they did to Little Brother.

New Era Caps Yanked From Store Shelves

New Era Caps Yanked From Store Shelves

Some caps from the Buffalo-based New Era Cap Company have been pulled from store shelves after some gang members took a liking to a particular design.

In generations past, caps were known for one thing; America's favorite pastime and its heroes. Now, hip hop stars and celebrities love the lids. Caps with bling, city skylines and even a founding father are popular trendsetters. But the changing styles have caused some concern.

"There's a gang in Cleveland that goes with the name of the 10-5 gang," said Gerry Matos, New Era Marketing Vice President. "Inadvertently, New Era made caps for a store in Cleveland that said 10-5. They didn't say gang on it, just 10-5."

2 On Your Side's Josh Boose asked Matos, "What does 10-5 mean." "I believe it's 105th street in Cleveland," Matos responded.

The 10-5 hats in Cleveland are part of the GPS, global positioning system, caps by New Era.
Simply put; the caps highlight neighborhoods in cities across the country.

"That could be different neighborhoods around Yankee Stadium or neighborhoods on college campuses," Matos said. "Here in Buffalo, we do things for the fruit belt, for black rock, whatever the case may be."

We found caps that show Buffalo's different neighborhoods. It's a map really. One cap shows Elmwood, another showed Genesee.

"People just like showing where they're from," said Matos. "That's really where it stems from and then it turned into this other situation."

New Era says it's not in the business of making hats for gangs and because of what happened in Cleveland, it's making some changes.

"It did make it clear to us that we need a heightened level of review," said Matos. "One thing we'll be doing is actually reaching out to local police stations. There are gang suppression units that list gangs, their names and so on. We want to check that list so we don't fall into the same situation in the future."

New Era says only 100 of the caps in question were made. The ones that weren't sold are being shipped back to Buffalo and will be destroyed.


There are more serious issues going on in the world to be worried about this... shit is ridiculous........

Dude Eats Live Frogs, Rats, Mice For Stomach Aches

Man ate frogs, rats for bellyaches

A man in southeast China says 40 years of swallowing tree frogs and rats live has helped him avoid intestinal complaints and made him strong.

Jiang Musheng, a 66-year-old resident of Jiangxi province, suffered from frequent abdominal pains and coughing from the age of 26, until an old man called Yang Dingcai suggested tree frogs as a remedy, the Beijing News said on Tuesday.

“At first, Jiang Musheng did not dare to eat a live, wriggling frog, but after seeing Yang Dingcai swallow one, he ate ... two without a thought,” the paper said.

“After a month of eating live frogs, his stomach pains and coughing were completely gone.”

Over the years Jiang had added live mice, baby rats and green frogs to his diet, and had once eaten 20 mice in a single day, the paper said.

What????????????? LOL

Woman Gets 29K After Being Arrested For Public Tittie Display

NEW YORK - A New York artist arrested by police when she went on a topless stroll two years ago has accepted a $29,000 settlement from the city, her lawyer says.

Jill Coccaro, 27, was charged briefly with indecent exposure despite a 1992 state appeals court ruling that concluded women had the right to be topless if men were allowed to take off their shirts.

Coccaro, who now goes by the name Phoenix Feeley, bared her breasts on Aug. 4, 2005.

Feeley remained in custody for 12 hours before she was told prosecutors were not going to pursue charges.

Her attorney, Jeffrey Rothman, told the Daily News for its Sunday editions that his client won the civil rights settlement from the city, which did not admit or deny wrongdoing.

"We hope the police learn a lesson and respect the rights of women to go topless," Rothman said.

Feeley told the New York Post for its Sunday editions that she was not treated well after her arrest. She claimed in an October lawsuit that a police officer yanked her out of a patrol car by her hair and police took her to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

She told the newspaper she had gone bare-breasted after running the 2004 New York marathon without police bothering her.

"I've always just felt that was something natural," Feeley said of going topless. "I've kind of always done it out of practicality."

The city settled on June 4.

"I felt like I deserved it," Feeley said.


Well maybe if i walk the streets with my nuts hangin out i can make 50 grand......

Father absence “decimates” black community in U.S

For Chris Gardner, who was played by Will Smith in the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness,” fatherhood is the greatest job in the world.

“There’s no pay. There are no benefits. You don’t get time off. You don’t get a break,” he said. “But once in a while you get to see your child shine and you say to yourself, ‘That’s my boy. That’s my girl.”‘

It is also a job that Gardner and others believe is increasingly in trouble in the United States, even as the country gives its annual Fathers Day salute on June 17.

More than 19 million children — about one in four — were living in households where no father, biological or other, was present, according to a Census Bureau report in 2005.

The statistics also show that this burden falls more heavily on black children. Some 56 percent of black children lived in single-parent families in 2004, with most of those families headed by mothers. That figure compared with 22 percent of white children and 31 percent of Hispanic children.

“Father absence in the African American communities, across America, has hit those communities with the force of 100 hurricane Katrinas,” said Phillip Jackson, executive director of the Chicago-based Black Star Project, which helps children in mainly minority schools.

“It is literally decimating our communities and we have no adequate response to it.”

Among those who grew up without a father is Gardner, the subject of the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness.” The movie tells how he struggles with homelessness and raising a child while trying to pursue a new career as a stockbroker in training.

Gardner is now the millionaire head of investment firm Gardner Rich & Co. and a motivational speaker.

For groups like the Black Star Project, the focus is on education, sponsoring activities such as getting fathers to walk to school with their children on the first day of classes each year.

Last year an estimated 300,000 men in 127 cities participated that first day of school effort called the “Million Father March” and this year the group hopes to see nearly half a million men in 200 communities.

“The children start thinking, ‘Wow, my father is here. This thing called education, this must really be important because my father took the time off to come up here’,” Jackson said.

Jackson said it has taken decades for fathering to decline to its current state, and restoring it would be a long process.

“We’re not going to wake up tomorrow or next year and say ‘Voila! We’re back to where we were,”‘ he said.

In 2006, the National Fatherhood Initiative in Gaithersburg, Maryland commissioned the University of Texas at Austin to conduct a survey of 701 fathers called “Pop’s Culture: A National Survey of Dads’ Attitudes on Fathering.”

It found that 91 percent of those questioned agreed there is a father-absence crisis in America. They listed work demands as the No. 1 barrier to being a good father. Other major impediments included the media and popular culture followed by financial problems.

Fathers who were not married to the mother of their children cited a lack of cooperation from mothers as the chief obstacle to being a good father, followed by work responsibilities, financial problems and treatment of fathers by the courts.

Roland Warren, president of the National Fatherhood Initiative, said that children in fatherless households are more susceptible to life’s challenges.

“They are two to three times more likely to use drugs, become teen parents, be connected with the criminal justice system, to fail in school or to live in poverty,” he said.

Gardner credits his uncles with being positive male figures in his life.

“I had a very abusive stepfather. I made a decision at 5 years-old that when I became a man and had children no one would ever talk to my children, treat or terrorize them as I was,” he said in an interview.


Our children need that foundation people.... let's get our shit together, and to all the black fathers that are out there taking care of theirs you know what is.......

Pig Born With Six Legs, Two Penises and Two Anuses

A piglet in Croatia born with six legs and two penises has been nicknamed Octopig by his owner.

The farmer, Ivica Seic from the village of Vrpolje, said Octopig also has two anuses.

He said that the pig was growing so fast that they had decided to keep him as a pet, daily newspaper Vecernji List reported.


Damn!!!!! And i thought i had it bad. LOL........................

The Facebook.com: Big Brother with a smile

The Facebook.com: Big Brother with a smile

Daniel Abrahamson | June 9 2005

Imagine a computer database which catalogued your entire social network: the email, home address, and sensitive details of all your friends, and consequently, all of their friends in a massive interlinked web. What if this service also archived all of your personal preferences on everything from books to movies to music? And if it also categorized your political views, club associations, previous jobs, educational background, and who you are dating?

How about if this information was available not only to government spooks but the general public free of charge?

Sounds like a hellish vision of the future, right? But this program is not the devilish spawn of DARPA’s Total Information Awareness program, nor the secret plans of “private” data miners like Choicepoint or Axciom.

The Beast system is here right now. And worst of all, people are voluntarily giving up this information, with some updating their profile every day with their latest personal details.

Welcome to TheFaceBook.com. Founded in February 2004, it currently operates on 800 college campuses cataloging the details of its 2.8 million users. According to the Boston Globe, “the free network…boasts that on average it attracts 80 percent of a school’s undergraduate population as well as a smattering of graduate students, faculty members, and recent alumni.”

For example at Boston University, 14,007 of the school’s 15,846 undergraduates have joined and volunteered their most intimate details. According to the statistics, approximately 60 percent of users log in daily, with 85 percent logging in weekly.

And just to make sure you can join the fun, TheFaceBook.com is busy adding more than 50 campuses a month as well as expanding to high schools and international institutions.

Call it Big Brother with a consumer-friendly smile.

So who do we have to thank for this? According to the official story, TheFaceBook was founded by 3 students from the CIA’s favorite breeding ground of Harvard University. Their first $500,000 in funding came from Peter Thiel, founder and former CEO of Paypal.

Thiel is also a former columnist for the Wall Street Journal and a graduate of Stanford University, the home of NSA computer research and CIA mind control projects like MK ULTRA. He is an avowed neocon and globalist whose book “The Diversity Myth” received praises from William Kristol, Christopher Cox, Edward Meese, and Linda Chavez. Thiel sits on the board of the radical right-wing VanguardPAC and he personally donated $21,200 to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign for governor.

At a June 24, 2004 conference, Thiel remarked “I think the only way that the world can become unified in some sense is through technology. Technology is driving us towards a single, seamless humanity.” Surely John Poindexter and the architects of the cashless society control grid would agree.

Yet TheFaceBook.com’s connections to the shadowy world of black ops don’t stop there. They recently received $13 million in venture capital backing from Accel Partners. James Breyer, the manager of Accel, sits on the board of National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) alongside Gilman Louie, head of In-Q-Tel.

The CIA set up In-Q-Tel in 1999, with the goal of fostering companies that provide “data warehousing and mining” in a “secure community of interest.” Further goals include “profiling search agents” which are “self-sustaining, to reduce its reliance on CIA funding.” Sounds like an exact description of TheFaceBook.

After all, what better way to spy on potential radicals and student activists than with a program so seemingly innocuous? TheFaceBook already categorizes users on a scale from “Very Liberal” to “Very Conservative” allowing for easy government profiling. Additionally they can search for anyone who lists the wrong keywords, like “anarchist,” “protest” “New World Order,” or any other thought crime. And with the click of a button, they have your picture, address, and the names and information of all your friends.

TheFaceBook is the devil in sheep’s clothing. It is leading the vanguard of the “consumer friendly” Big Brother targeting young people, specifically college and high school students. While pretending to be a harmless and fun service, TheFaceBook is a dark foray into psychological profiling, where the cryptocracy wants to know every detail of your life and track your location at every moment.

Unfortunately, this is part of a larger plan to spy on students. In March, AOL, a company that has admittedly handed over emails and web logs to the FBI and NSA, announced a new privacy policy for their popular AIM instant messenger program used predominately by students. It said “You waive any right to privacy." Civil liberties advocates immediately warned users that all their conversations could be tapped by AOL, which uses an Illuminati all-seeing eye as their logo. But with so much MTV to watch and so many Britney Spears songs to memorize, it seems few of them are listening.

Last week the CIA announced they would be hiring students to spy on campus activists and report the information back to headquarters. In actuality this has probably been going on far before the official announcement.

Eventually all of this information will be stored in pentabyte databases and linked to our microchipped National ID card. But before they can implant Verichips into our hands and solder BrainGate chips into our brains, they must weed out the “student troublemakers” with the help of programs like TheFaceBook and AIM.

Civil liberties advocates are so busy protesting the PATRIOT Act that they have ignored the insidious spy networks right under our noses. The same college students who list themselves in the ACLU club on TheFaceBook are blind to the danger of announcing their affiliation to the world.

TheFaceBook.com is nothing more than COINTELPRO with slick packaging. It is part of a new breed of spy networks designed to profile students for the next phase of martial law. The Bush regime is a megalomaniacal cabal of mass murderers who want to crush all internal dissent, and like all dictatorial regimes, the first place they will look is students.

Of course with the ECHELON network already spying on all phone calls and emails, there is really nowhere to hide. So in the meantime I am using TheFaceBook to my advantage. I have listed myself as a “Very Conservative” intern at the Dan Quayle Library with a penchant for books by Oliver North.

After all, maybe I have entered the right keywords and the CIA will come recruit me as one of those new student spies.


What else is new?????? I mean really it's the same shit as Myspace we are all caught up in the web one way or another.......

Illinois Town Hosts Annual Testicle Festival

MOUNT STERLING, IL (NBC) -- For the fourth year in a row, the month of June has taken on a new meaning in the small town of Mount Sterling, Illinois. The town hosts a "Testicle Festival" in which contestants eat animal testicles for charity.

Mount Desert Spring Water

Proceeds from this year's Testicle Festival were donated to the town's new community emergency building, for volunteer firefighters and rescue workers.



Thursday, June 14, 2007

Amanda Monti, 24, of Liverpool, England couldn't handle being spurned by her ex-boyfriend, Geoffrey Jones, 37. During a house party the two attended on May 30, 2004, a drunken argument ensued purportedly because Jones rejected Monti's sexual advances. An outraged Monti grabbed at Jones' face and the two began to struggle. Consequently, "Jones threw petite Monti, who is little more than 5ft 2in tall, out of the house," Sun Online reported. Monti managed to lure Jones out of the house after she smashed a window. The two wrestled again, and Monti was knocked down.

While on the ground, she reached up and pulled Jones' shorts down, leaving him in his underpants. Even though Jones was already thoroughly embarrassed it wasn't enough for Monti, who was still fuming. She then grabbed at his groin area and pulled so hard that his underpants came off.

Jones said in a BBC News article that he found himself "completely naked and in excruciating pain." Jones then hobbled back into the house and into the kitchen to try and avoid further confrontation with Monti. While there, his friend who witnessed the event approached Jones and said, "That's yours," Will Batchelor reported in a Scotsman.com article. To Jones utter shock, he looked down into his friend's hand and saw his testicle in it, which Monti had ripped completely off during the struggle.

His friend had seized the testicle from Monti's hands moments earlier. BBC News reported that she tried to dispose of the evidence by stuffing Jones' severed organ in her mouth and trying to swallow it before choking it back up. Jones was immediately taken to the hospital where doctors tried to reattach his testicle. However, the operation proved unsuccessful.

Later in a Liverpool Crown Court, Monti pleaded guilty to assaulting her ex-boyfriend, although she had little memory of the event. According to the BBC, Monti wrote a letter to the court saying she was sorry for what she had done and that she had no intention of causing him harm. Monti was sentenced in February 2005 to two and a half years behind bars for the assault. The judgment did little to soothe Jones who claimed that the attack ruined his life, causing not only permanent physical disfigurement but also long-term emotional damage.......


Shit is wrong on so many levels........

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lupe Fiasco Releases Statement On The Death Of Stack Bundles

Lupe Fiasco has posted a statement on the OkayPlayer message board expressing his sorrow at the death of his friend Stack Bundles.

"My Dear Friend...it hurt so much to wake up to this...So sad...I've watched from the humble beginnings...when he used to live with me out in Chicago we rocked together everyday...He'd write rhymes in one room and I'd be writing rhymes in the other...He was there with me through many a milestone in my life , the up's and the downs, and I was so proud and happy to see him acheive success in his life at what he loved...Hip-Hop...Stacks was the first person that was signed to 1st&15th way back when it first started FYI...Even beyond that I considered Stacks family...My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends in this time of sadness...We all lost a Good Friend today...But He wont be forgotten...May God have mercy on his soul, Forgive him for his sins in this Life, and watch over him in the next...

Burger King ignites Spam war with rival

Burger King ignites Spam war with rival

By JAYMES SONG, Associated Press Writer Mon Jun 11, 2:46 AM ET

HONOLULU - For many Americans, spam is a four-letter word for unwanted e-mail. In Hawaii, Spam is a beloved comfort food, with cans of the gelatinous pork bricks found in virtually every cupboard.

Hoping to cash in on Hawaii's love affair with the pinkish meat product, Burger King Corp. last month began offering Spam for breakfast — going head-to-head with rival McDonald's Corp., which has been featuring Spam in the islands for years.

Burger King is offering the Spam Platter — two slices of Spam nestled between white rice and scrambled juevos. The fast-food giant also offers the Croissanwich or Biscuit Sandwich with Spam.

Denise Yamauchi, Burger King managing director in Hawaii, said sales have been "very good and very promising."

"It's so popular with the locals, we wanted to cater to them," she said.

Putting Spam on the menu, alongside more traditional items such as the Whopper, has been in the works for about a year, and Burger King's corporate headquarters finally signed off on the idea.

"It's something that was a little unique and a little different for them, so it was a bit of a hard sell to bring to Hawaii," Yamauchi said. "But they finally realized it is a unique flavor and something the locals really like."

At a Burger King near downtown Honolulu, where a poster in the window proudly advertises "Spam in the A.M.," the Spam Platter was selling for $3.49. The nearly identical Spam, juevos and Rice plate across the street at McDonald's was $3.39.

Melanie Okazaki, marketing manager for McDonald's Restaurants of Hawaii, said Spam has been offered at the chain's 75 island restaurants since 2002.

"In Hawaii, it is a very popular menu item and we will continue to offer it to our customers," she said.

Burger King's latest offering is counter to the chain's push to offer healthier fare, including salads and the meatless BK Veggie Burger. But no one can deny Hawaii's appetite for Spam.

Despite being one of the least-populated states, Hawaii leads the nation in consumption of the Hormel Foods Corp. product. It's been a hit ever since World War II. Isle residents consume more than 5 million pounds of Spam a year, an average of about six cans for every man, woman and child.

Spam "musubi" — a slice of Spam atop a block of rice and wrapped in seaweed — is an island favorite sold at nearly every convenience store, including 7-Eleven. Spam fried rice is a local classic.

There are also more varieties of Spam sold in Hawaii than anywhere else. There's Spam Garlic, Spam Bacon, Spam with Cheese, Spam with Tabasco, Spam Turkey and Spam Lite, which featured less sodium and less big boned.

"We're pleased to see more and more restaurants adding it to their menu, providing Hawaiians additional opportunities to experience the savory, salty-sweet taste they love," said Dan Goldman, Spam's product manager.

And my wife claims to this day she has never had SPAM and don't know what all the fuss is about.LAWN can get some feedback on this.Seems funny,but now I wanna fried SPAM sandwich.

How nice the battle of Filth vs. The Swine.

Man in teen sex case should go free, judge rules

ATLANTA - A Georgia judge ordered the release Monday of a man sentenced to 10 years in prison for consensual oral sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was 17, a sentence that had been widely criticized as grossly disproportionate to the crime.

Several influential people, including former President Jimmy Carter, publicly supported Genarlow Wilson’s appeals, and state lawmakers voted to close the loophole that led to his 10-year term.

Monday’s ruling doesn’t ensure Wilson’s freedom, though.

Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker said Monday afternoon that he had filed notice of appeal, arguing that Georgia law does not give a judge authority to reduce or modify the sentence imposed by the trial court. He said he would seek an expedited ruling from the Georgia Supreme Court.

Wilson defense lawyer B.J. Bernstein said she believes Baker is just trying to stop Wilson’s immediate release.

“It is extremely, extremely disturbing that the attorney general would take this action now,” she said. “In essence, the attorney general is saying, ’Keep Genarlow Wilson in prison for 10 years and keep him on the sex offender registry.”’

The judge’s ruling Monday threw out Wilson’s 10-year sentence and amended it to misdemeanor aggravated child molestation with a 12-month term, plus credit for time served, and he would not be required to register as a sex offender.

“The fact that Genarlow Wilson has spent two years in prison for what is now classified as a misdemeanor, and without assistance from this Court, will spend eight more years in prison, is a grave miscarriage of justice,” wrote Judge Thomas H. Wilson, no relation to Genarlow Wilson.

Read the rest here

This should have never have happened in the first place.

Dada makes computer kicks???????

What in god's name???????????????????? I guess it's suppose to be some type of media player of some sort.... Sorry guys yall are tryin waaaay too hard. Lol.

Paris Hilton says she used to act dumb but God has given her a New Chance

Paris Hilton phoned Barbara Walters collect from jail,to discuss her current state of mind and her experience in prison, saying she used to act dumb but now wants to make a difference in the world.

“I used to act dumb,” she told Walters in the exclusive phone conversation. “That act is no longer cute. Now, I would like to make a difference. … God has given me this new chance.” Hilton confirmed to Walters just how terrible her initial three days in jail were. It might explain why she cried when she was handcuffed and transported back to jail from her Hollywood home. “I was not eating or sleeping,” she said. “I was severely depressed and felt as if I was in a cage. … It was a horrible experience.”


The chick was locked up for a traffic ticket give me a break..... what real shit has she actually gone through... spoiled bitch.

R.I.P. Stack Bundles

N.Y. rapper Stack Bundles shot dead
By Herald wire services
Tuesday, June 12, 2007 - Updated: 07:39 AM EST

NEW YORK - An up-and-coming mix-tape rapper was gunned down early yesterday in the lobby of his home in what police believe is a possible robbery and his family thinks was a crime of jealousy.

Stack Bundles, an associate of the rap group Dip Set, was shot in the head and neck at about 5 a.m. at the Redfern Housing Project in Far Rockaway, Queens, after a night out with friends. Police were investigating whether the shooter stole a chain from the victim.

The 24-year-old rapper, whose real name was Rayquon Elliot, had worked with established artists including Fabolous, Lil Wayne, JadaKiss, and DJ Clue and was affiliated with Byrd Gang Records. He had been featured on Jim Jones’ third album, Hustler’s P.O.M.E.