Friday, September 24, 2010

J.Cole speaks on potential battle with Drake!

J.Cole and Drake have been compared to each other for a while now. A lot of those comparisons stopped after Drake dropped Thank Me Later and seemed to distance himself from “up and comer” status to a solidified star. But many people who know hip hop and know talent can see that the two aren’t as far apart as it may seem. J.Cole has talent! Lyrically, maybe even more than Drake. Cole counters Drake’s singing abilities with his own ability to produce. The two showcasing their talents in a lyrical battle would be interesting. Here’s what Cole had to say…

“From a fan’s point of view, who are you going to get excited about [to] battle? I feel like that’s why people push the J.Cole/Drake thing so much, ’cause I think we’re probably the first two artists that fans are super excited about. The two that they would like to see go at it. I don’t blame ‘em. But it’s just a sign of the times. Rap goes in cycles. I’m not promoting that, but I’m a competitive person in general, so I’m a fan of people throwing jabs and shots. That motivates me.”

Personally, I can’t see the two ever getting it in like, for example, Jay and Nas did. Drake is a happy go lucky guy and has said many times he’s not interested in partaking in back and forth with other artists. It would be good for hip hop though. I think deep down J.Cole wants people to know he’s on Drake’s level even though Drake took off quicker. I also think Cole would love the chance to have a friendly competition and battle Drake. Will it ever happen? Time will tell. If it ever does, who are you putting your money on?


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