Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stay at Home Economy

There are currently five winners in the "Stay at home Economy":

1. Television Stations

2. Online Gaming Websites

3. Online Social Networking Sites

4. Supermarkets

5. Games and DVD Rentals

How can we benefit from a trend that is closing down Restaurants, affecting Movie Theatres and downsizing the entertainment industry?

Trends create business, no matter how negative they become, it is often just a case of changing business strategies or creating a new mobile business around these trends.

DVD and Gaming Rentals should benefit if they go mobile. Offering deals and home deliveries based on an incentive package, could keep a business running, and even expand the initial business.

Social networking websites have seen a sharp increase in usage since the old economy free fell in 2008. These websites are perfect for online advertising, as they can reach millions of new customers joining the "Stay at home" economy.

Smaller stores that offer credit and home delivery services could very well survive and expand during this current change in our economies. Beating the Supermarkets at their own game and gaining community support in times of hardship.

One business that could be created by using online networking sites is creating the "Home" party. Eventually people in the "Stay at Home" economy, could feel restless and bored. By creating an economical party package, and advertising it through free membership of a social networking site, could create a new business opportunity.

Our changing economy may mean there is less money around, but there is still opportunity if we follow the new trends created by the end of the old economy.

Fortune favors the brave, and even in an age of economic uncertainty, the brave may benefit from this change.

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