Monday, April 23, 2007

Mar 29 - More on B.u.d.d.y. contest. Miss Jones clears up Lupe diss

Mar 29 - More on B.u.d.d.y. contest. Miss Jones clears up Lupe diss
Since the beginning of the week when Miss Jones went on a small rant about her problem with what she labeled as "The Lupe Fiasco fiasco", referring to Lupe's version of the "Buddy (remix)", she has offered a solution to her problem by offering to give upcoming rappers a break. In order to do this, she has asked for aspiring rappers to put their own 8 bars on the intro of the record and to mail it to Hot97 on a cd, where it'll be played on air. No word yet if the contest rules will change, but so far, the hosts said that the top 3 favorites in the contest will receive airplay over the Lupe Fiasco version. The r&b loving host and former singer herself was not pleased that Lupe Fiasco was rapping about the complete opposite of Musiq Soulchild's concept and bringing down the value of what is suppose to be a fun record when she believes the Ja Rule and Fat Joe remix of the record set the bar and or the tone for how a rap should be on that particular record, only for Lupe Fiasco to later bring it down with his version.The shock jock, who has been known to complain about her own station's playlist singled out the record because according to her, it's one of her more currently favored records on the station's playlist, which is why she's upset about the remix. The radiohost claims the song is about a bootycall and wreckless infadelity, while she and her team believes Lupe is rapping off topic and brought down the quality of what is suppose to be a fun record. She stated, "It's a feel good record."Although Lupe received bashing and overall heavy criticism early in the week for his lyrics, the Lupe jokes diminished throughout the week as Miss Jones has made herself more clearer day in and day out on her position. Nonetheless, some of the highlights of the jokes from the show's comedian included, "Lupe is the type to go to a stripclub with a coat to cover up all the strippers." Jonesy cleaned up her statements, stating, "I don't care as long as Lupe goes away...I mean we don't have anything at all against Lupe, he's okay." Although, the hosts asked for aspiring rappers, a few veterans themselves have even entered into the contest. Scoob, who use to dance on stage with Big Daddy Kane entered in his 8 bars on Wednesday. And on March 29th, Heavy D also entered in with his 8 bars starting off with the, "You know you need the diddley, diddly, diddley...."I advice all aspiring mc's to take advantage of the opportunity and take part in the competition, as it could be great exposure and or a big break. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity! If favored enough, the remix could possibly become a playlists regular on the station and then find it's way across the country. Mc's who are interested, should mail in their 8 bars on the "Buddy" beat on the song's intro to:Miss Jones In The Morning395 Hudson St. 7th Fl.New York, NY 10014
Let's see Lupe's version surpassed fatjoe, jarule, buck, TI, and young dro versions
Can somone please get this bitch a big mac and tell her to shut the fuck up?

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